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Idea map for A Pilgrim People: Becoming a Catholic Peace Church

This is the “idea map” that got me started on the book project that has occupied my sabbatical this year.  Inevitably the book has undergone some reshaping, and probably will until the end.  But conceptually, this still makes the connections.

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Christian peace theology:
internal critique and interfaith dialogue

On March 1 I spoke at two break-out sessions on the topic of “Christian Peace Theology: Internal Critique and Interfaith Dialogue” at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Faith and Peace Day, in Minneapolis.  Here’s what I said I would do: … Continue reading

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Sharing Peace:
Mennonites and Catholics in Conversation

Co-edited with Margaret Pfeil Sharing Peace brings together leading Mennonite and Catholic theologians and ecclesial leaders to reflect on the recent, first-ever international dialogue between the Mennonite World Conference and the Vatican. The search for a shared reading of history, theology … Continue reading

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Mennonites and Catholics in Conversation

Meeting in exile

Historic peace churches and the emerging peace church catholic Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace Volume 1. Issue 1, Fall 2007. First presented as a lecture for Presentation Sisters’ Peace Studies Forum, 23 January 2004, Fargo ND. For the three “historic peace … Continue reading

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